FAQs Published

Q1: Who can participate in this event?
A: People of any age, with or without a professional background in art, who are interested in writing about art in an informed critical way is welcome to submit.

Q2: How can I apply?
A: All candidates are invited to log in to the official IAAC website, enter the relevant details and upload their review and any accompanying images. They may then return to the site to add or alter information at any time up to the deadline for submissions.

Q3: Could I submit more than one piece of critical writing?
A: Each participant may submit only ONE entry to the IAAC each year.

Q4: What shall be the major focus of the submission?
A: The submission should be a piece of critical writing related to an art exhibition, which might focus on the exhibition itself, the artworks on display , the artists participating in the exhibition, and the overall context.

Q5: Should the relevant exhibition be held within the stated dates?
A: While the start and end dates of the exhibition may fall outside these dates, the exhibition must have been open to the public at some stage during the stated dates.

Q6: Where should the relevant exhibition be located? What kind of exhibition should it be?
A: The exhibition could be held anywhere in the world or on-line between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023, however, its main focus must be on contemporary art.

Q7: Should I submit images related to the relevant exhibition?
A: Submissions may be accompanied by a maximum of three images of the relevant exhibition, which are cleared for publication (please give full details and acknowledments!). The organisers accept no responsibility for obtaining copyright clearance for visual material or any related issues. However, there is no requirement to submit images of the relevant exhibition, and you should only do so, if you consider they are necessary complements to your text.

Q8: Should the submission adhere strictly to the word limits?
A:Yes, Chinese submissions should be strictly limited to 2500 characters, and English submissions to 1500 words, including footnotes. Variations in length of more than 10 % either way are likely to be rejected.

Enquiries should be addressed, as follows:

Chinese-language: School of Philosophy, Fudan University
Address: 220 Handan Road, Shanghai (Room 2308, West Main Building, Guanghua Building)
Tel: +86 21 6564 2732
Email: philosophy@fudan.edu.cn

English-language: Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh
Address: Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9DF
Tel: +44 (0)20 7590 4423
Email: IAAC@ed.ac.uk