Introduction Of 2022 Prize Winners
Katherine C.M. Adams
Title: Of Worlds and Women: 'No Master Territories'
Exhibition: No Master Territories: Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image

Katherine Adams is a curator, writer, and researcher based in New York. She is currently a graduate student at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. Her art writing and criticism has appeared in art-agenda (e-flux); FLAT Journal (UCLA); Triple Ampersand and Dance Art Journal, among others. In the Summer of 2022, she was a Curatorial Fellow at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Germany). She has curated various independent projects including the 2021 exhibition and programs Countercapture at Miriam Gallery (New York). Her current scholarship focuses on media theory and on performance in contemporary art. Her recent curatorial research and independent projects have centered on the politics of visibility, the use of operational images in contemporary art, and infrastructures of critical practice. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Yale University.

Joint Second Prize Andy Stooke
Title: Not something immortal achieved by mortal hands
Exhibition: On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibition

Andy Stooke is an artist, writer, researcher, educator and illustrator based in London and Shanghai. Their activities include location-specific walks, circumnavigating tidal islands in the UK and USA for Project Anywhere, and collaboration with Wang Wenjing for ‘We Rachmaninov,’ a hybrid performance on opposite sides of the globe, featured in ‘Impossible Bands’ at Shanghai Power Station of Art. Their writing on arts and society is available across diverse popular and academic platforms in print and online. They previously led high school art departments in China and the UK and were the founding director of Oliver Holt Gallery, Dorset, UK 

Joint Second Prize Pang Zheng
Title: Moving from Testimony to Representation — Demand’s ‘Most Pregnant Moment’
Exhibition: Thomas Demand:The Stutter of History

Pang Zheng is an art writer and art promoter. She is the founder of AMO. She currently lives and works in Shanghai. She received her B.S. from Sichuan University in 2006 and her M.B.A. from Fudan University in 2020. She studies Western art history and Western aesthetics on her own. Since 2018, she has devoted herself to art exhibition guiding, and has guided nearly 100 exhibitions so far. She hopes to lead more people to gradually improve their aesthetic understanding through the appreciation and analysis of art works. In 2019, she curated the exhibition“China-U.S. Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition: Decipher the Surface”.

Joint Second Prize Zhong Shanyu
Title: The Song of Low Technology
Exhibition: The Breakdown Economy

Shanyu Zhong writes, edits, interviews, and translates. Her practice oscillates between the fields of literature and art. She received her undergraduate degree in Chinese literature, and went on to study modern and contemporary art. She has done archival research on Chinese avant-garde art from the 1990s to the early 2000s. She is now editor of Ocula, and she is Beijing-based.

Dao Yun
Title: Nobody is here:The Fall of Maurizio Cattelan
Exhibition:Maurizio Cattelan: Wish You Were Here
Jiang Feiran
Title: The Future Passed by Here
Exhibition:We Will Build A New World: A History of Soviet Design
Wang Wei
Title: "Waves and Echoes": Revisiting Chinese Artistic Practices in the 1980s
Exhibition:Waves and Echoes: A Process of Re-contemporarization in Chinese Art Circa 1987 Revisited
Wu Yiran
Title: A Poetic Narrative of Disorientation Among the Blurred Boundaries Between Time and Space
Exhibition:Le grand atlas de la désorientation
Hio Lam Kylie Sio
Title: ‘Land that Tells of History, People who Tell stories: Past, present, future’
Exhibition:I am land that remembers
Zhang Meng
Title: Who Can Lead a Good Life During ‘Isolation’?
Exhibition:‘Bye Bye Disco’ 14 Days Livestream
Zhang Shichen
Title: Perspective
Exhibition:The Mirror[-scape] of Your Skin
Zong Qingyang
Title: The Fluid Mechanics of Alternative Knowledge
Exhibition:River Pulses Border Flows
Christopher Hayes
Title: Touch Grass
Exhibition:Back to Earth
Dennis Brzek
Title: Forensic Architecture's Many Realisms: A Review in Two Fonts
Exhibition:Three Doors
Dylan Huw
Title: Floating Nowheres
Exhibition:The Soul-Expanding Ocean #3: Dineo Seshee Bopape and #4: Diana Policarpo
Ekow Eshun
Title: Portmanteau Biota
Exhibition:Hurvin Anderson: Reverb
Federica Bueti
Title: ‘Shooting Down Babylon’: Art as Exorcism as Magical Terrorism as Practice of Refusal
Exhibition:The Botanical Mind
Guy Marshall-Brown
Title: Tanoa Sasraku’s Terratypes, Spike Island, Bristol
Irisz Mallon
Title: Presence is attenuated: departure
Nan Xi
Title: Wo/men at Odds
Exhibition:No Master Territories: Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image
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